Friday, January 15, 2010

Cooking At Home

Theres nothing like it in my opinion. Going to the supermarket looking and carefully picking out the foods needed to complete your masterpiece. Food is art as well, and if you treat them right as far preperation and skill you may even come out with more than a masterpiece but simply something you will want to prepare over and over until your dying days. When I am not buisy with work, I am not a chef but I do losgistics, cook, artist, poet. I am going back to school soon as well and maybe who knows, thinking very seriously along the culinary circle, but if not I love just as hobby as well. Since I do not own this blog I will not give you my all far audio and detail pictures because I am a pretty fancy guy when it comes to food. All the food I have ever created will shock you but for now lets do one of mine and then I will give my opinion on others.

Chicken, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, three garlic cloves, salt and pepper for taste and a can of spinich which washed down with a bottle of welches grape soda! Sounds great!